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Our Actinochemistry R&D Team of technology development and production, began photochemical studies since 1980, with more than 30 years of experience in the application of photochemical technology development.


We now have Photolysis equipment and the applicable technology, UV modifier equipment and applicable technology, practical photochemical technology and semiconductor equipment and applicable technology.


We apply photocatalytic (TiO2-xNx) non-ozone technology and chemical actinochemistry technology. It not only can effectively and quickly eliminate all indoor odors, including cigar and cigarette odor, drain odor, body odor, feces and urine smell, it can also eliminate all types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and air pollutants including methanol

Our team has for many years place research and development resources related to obtaining the most natural and pure air without impurities bacteria and viruses, and have designed a series of advanced clean sterile air / sterilizing machines for different levels of public facilities, public / private institutions, and even general home use. The following are the major categories:


Commercial usage:

- Public / Private organisations – Shopping malls, offices,Restaurants, Hotels, Karaokes, Casinos and Factories.

- Public facilities - Large and small transport systems, medical institutions, schools, indoor playgrounds, fitness centers, and toilets.

General home usage: 

- Home users - Villas, general households, motor vehicles.