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2017 China hot selling air purifier market will reach one hundred billion yuan

发表 2016/05/11

Date: 2014/02/05 【Report from Taiwan Trade Center Qingdao Office】

In recent years, various parts of mainland China have been affected by varying degrees of haze pollution, consumer concern about the quality of air quality rising, driving the hot air purifier products. It is learned that air purifier has become a popular consumer products, household electrical appliances procurement, sales increased by more than three percent.


Chinese New Year promotions air purifier


Suning, Gome and other leading home appliance stores have revealed that mobile phones, computers and other digital electronic products is still a lot of consumers New Year purchase of choice, coffee machine, beauty instrument, high-grade razor and other small household electrical appliances before the Spring Festival sales have increased significantly , But this year, consumer electronics products also show a new feature, is the air purifier products become the market popular New Year's Choice. Some stores also launched for the air purifier Spring Festival offers.


In the Philips, Panasonic, Sharp and other brands of air purifier products showcase before to consult, buy a constant stream of consumers, sales staff said that some foreign brands of products or even out of stock situation, the consumer to order to buy .


The market prospects for the better to attract more manufacturers


Prospect Industrial Research Institute released the "2013-2017 China air purifier industry market demand forecast and investment strategic planning analysis report" data show that the next five years, China's air purifier sales will remain 30% -35% of the high-speed growth, the future Three years the total market will likely reach 19.5 million units, 25 million units and 34 million units, is expected in 2015 the Chinese mainland air purifier industry market size can break 60 billion yuan in 2017 to reach 100 billion yuan .


Huge market cake to attract not only the Chinese mainland home appliance manufacturers, many foreign brands have also increased for the Chinese mainland market, air purification products into the intensity. China's air purifier market is estimated to sell 1 million units per year. Sales of the first place is Philips, Japan's Matsushita and Sharp in the first 2 and 4, plus Daikin, Japanese companies accounted for about 40% of market share.


Japanese media reports, driven by market demand in China, the Japanese home appliance business air purification business quickly broad, Panasonic air purifier sales in 2013 increased by 25% over the previous year, the current production capacity of factories in Guangdong increased by 50 than the plan %, Daikin air purifier sales targets have doubled growth, Daikin is now air-conditioning sales network based on their own to increase efforts to promote, in addition to Sharp is also vigorously promote the new housing standard equipped with ion generator products.


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日期:2014/02/05 【 台灣貿易中心青島代表處 報導】